Musings of a Windows-using Linux fan!

And now, the previous blog post made me thinking… Why didn’t I learn .NET, C#, DirectX or other Microsoft technologies?
Maybe, because I am a fan of opensource platforms (excuse, I know there is Mono), languages and tools.
And maybe, there is a little Leftist hidden in me. (I would like to call myself opportunistic Leftist though :), and by the way I believe most of the Keralites have a soft corner for Communist beliefs – that’s why Kerala is one of the few states where Communists are still strong). And the words opensource and free software bring the thoughts of Freedom, independence and revolution to the mind.
Using Microsoft technologies, means tied to Microsoft platform and tools. I guess the leftist in me doesn’t want to get tied up.

PS: I switched back to using Windows a couple of years ago though. Was a hardcore Linux fan before. If I hadn’t I would have turned into a mad FOSS fanatic! Phew.. that didn’t happen, and am glad it didn’t!


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