This Blog has a new Home

I have ported this blog to its new home over here. http://sinujohn.com

This blog won’t be updated anymore.


Programmer Zen

Just read this quote and I loved it:

A beginning programmer writes her programs like an ant builds her hill, one piece at a time, without thought for the bigger structure. Her programs will be like loose sand. They may stand for a while, but growing too big they fall apart.

Realizing this problem, the programmer will start to spend a lot of time thinking about structure. Her programs will be rigidly structured, like rock sculptures. They are solid, but when they must change, violence must be done to them.

The master programmer knows when to apply structure and when to leave things in their simple form. Her programs are like clay, solid yet malleable.

— Master Yuan-Ma, The Book of Programming

Another NoSQL to the kitty

Graph database is a great tool for mapping and traversing data with relationships. But doesn’t RDBMS have relationships – one-to-one, many-to-one etc? Why should we go for graphs?
Its simple! Graph databases are best suited for those cases in which a graph comes to our mind instead of a table!
I finished the online course on Neo4J two days back. Its a really simple graph database, and a great starting point to experiment graph databases.

Now the NoSql databases I am familiar with are HBase(tried it about a year back), Redis and Neo4J.

Read and explore stuffs outside your domain. Happy coding 🙂

DRM-free content

These days all publishers are worried about their rights and the books are locked in, which is especially problematic in this digital age. Because unlike old days where we could share a book(hardcopy) which we bought, the new avatar of books – the e-books – are increasingly made to be under DRM, which means it stays only on one device or person. It can’t be shared with our friends even if we bought it with our hard earned cash. People who realize this come forward and fight against DRM these days to support free sharing. Because…

only free sharing promotes free knowledge

And now Packt publishing is giving an offer for today. Check it out!
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Hello world!

Decided to keep the default title for the first post.So  “Hello World” 🙂

Have started three/four blogs in the past. But couldn’t stick with them. Atleast i think i wouldn’t abandon this one. First reason is i got this blog with my name. And the second one is i really get a feeling that i should be sincere with this one. And the third one is … hmm.. oops.. no third one.

So this blog will be about all kinds of things which i wish to tell. Read it. Stick with it. Comment on it. And if you don’t like it give me a new reader and then you can leave.

I don’t think i’ll keep writing this blog every now and then. But i’ll keep tweeting.  My twitter statuses will tell you what i am upto. So wish me luck!!